How Children Can Easily Draw a Family Tree

In order to retrace the history of a family, the family tree has a historical but equally pedagogical function. While children can come up with a very simple tree, it is necessary to adopt a good method to deepen their research skills.

Since the various family ties are not always easy to understand for children, the creation of a family tree is an opportunity to explain, figuratively, the place of each one in the family vis-a-vis the other members. In this case, it is explaining the place of the grandparents, parents, uncles and aunts, as well as children and cousins. This can be done during a creative workshop.

Drawing a family tree is a fantastic way to illustrate your family history. Begin by searching for your ancestors to find out which of them to include, and then draw a diagram for each generation to create your family tree. You can embellish your drawing by transforming it into a work of art or simply saving it to always have it on hand.

On the other hand, a more rigorous methodology and in-depth research is necessary when one wishes to go back further into one’s genealogy. It often becomes mandatory to delve into family records and to browse through public and private archives. The bullet points that follow give tracks and useful ways to make a family tree.

– On a leaf, draw the shape of a tree without forgetting the trunk, the roots and the flower garden.

– Draw the necessary circles with a plastic plug.

– Decorate the contours of the circles and then connect them together, as well as to the branches.

– Have an adult cut out the inside of the circles and frame.

– Paint the sky in bright blue.

– Color in light green the grass and part of the leaves of the tree, and in dark green the rest of the leaves.

– Paint the trunk and branches in brown.

– Add shadows and some flowers.

– Trace the contours of the objects and the veins of the wood, with a felt.

– Choose the photos and fix them behind the holes, with adhesive.

– Put glue around the drawing and place the frame on top.

It is fun and interesting to dedicate oneself to searching for one’s origins: who were our ancestors? Thus, it is possible to make a family tree and to go back over as many generations as you wish. Know that the more you go back into the tree, the more thorough research will be needed.


· You can create your family tree on the computer, using graphic programs.

· If you so choose you can follow the same process for as many generations as you want.