Top 5 Awesome Gifts For Babies And Toddlers

Whether it is finding a perfect gift for your best friend’s baby shower ceremony or the first birthday, the options are numerous. While some are expensive, there are also some pocket-friendly gift items. So, have a look at five such gifts for babies and toddlers that will surely steal your heart.

Baby Care Gift Set

Such a gift set has most of the items that parents or caregivers will need to take care of their little bundle of joy such as diaper rash cream, baby massage oil, baby shampoo, baby powder, and more.

Merry Go Round

Babies love to gaze at moving objects while laying in their cribs. Merry Go Round is an inexpensive toy that one can purchase from any local kids store. Available in exciting colors, it is best to choose a merry go round that plays a soothing music.

Baby Walker

It is delightful to watch a baby taking small steps. A baby walker has always remained a favorite gift item as it helps a baby or a toddler to have a sense of direction in a hassle-free manner. Although in the past, wooden walkers were quite popular, now multi-activity baby walkers are the preferred ones.

Pull and Push Toys

Such toys are ideal to keep a toddler active. Today, pull and push toys are available in several materials like plastic, wood, aluminum, and more. Toddlers are often amazed to find that they can move their toy at a terrific speed by just pushing or pulling a string.

Rocking Horse

Long before when there were no cars or bikes, there were horses to enjoy a ride. A rocking horse is a classic toy that offers a bounty of fun for toddlers. Some rocking horses also feature four wheels and a galloping sound!

There can be even more gift items for babies and toddlers like plush play mat, baby gown, silver anklets, and more. However, all the toys or gift items demand a safe place in a nursery, and nothing can beat a toy box sourced from skilled woodworkers. As many manufacturers offer an optional cedar base for the wooden toy box, it is perfect for storing baby quilts too.