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March 16, 2019


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Guidelines for Glazing a Window

To seal your windows properly so that there is no unwanted water and air, glazing ought to be replaced after a certain period. Although glazing demands some time and skill, it is possible for you to do it by yourself by using the tips explained below.

Make sure you get all you need. You should make sure you have all the items that will be needed to glaze your window. The items that will aid in glazing your window properly are such as adhesive tape, a putty knife, clean rags, putty, sandpaper, paint, paintbrushes, and more. Chances are, most of these items are in your house or garage but if you do not have them, they are available at your local hardware.

Ensure you get rid of the old putty as well as glass. Ensure a newspaper is taped on each side of the pane. Secondly, damage the glass using a hammer and separate it from the pane. The other thing is to make the putty lose by the use of the putty knife. If the putty does not easily come out when one is using a knife; they should consider melting it using the blow torch. You should get the frames free of the metal fasteners.

You should smooth the wood. You should use the sandpaper to make the wood smooth. After the wood has been made smooth, treat it using the oil-based primer after which it should be sealed. Applying the primer is helpful because it prevents oil absorption which can make cracks to be seen on the glazing sooner, meaning more drafts. The primer ought to be left for 24 hours so that it dries.

You should mix the putty thoroughly. After kneading the putty till it is soft, stretch it along the window panes inside and press it with your fingers. Using the putty knife, press it as tight as you can. After the putty is placed fit the new glass pane.

Apply new glazing. Put glazier points at the midpoint of the pane then apply pressure on the putty knife to make sure the point is in the proper position. Ensure all the sides of the window pane have glazier points then apply new glazing on each side of the window frame. Put pressure so that the glazing can hold the glass pane securely. You should remove the extra putty.

Allow the glazing to dry and paint it. Allow the glazing to dry for about 10 days. You may feel bad seeing fingerprints on the glass but avoid cleaning it till it is dry. With the use of the oil-based primer and paint, clean up the window while ensuring it matches with the other windows of your house.

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