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March 16, 2019

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Alternatives to Using A Paper Shredder

You probably didn’t know that your computer printer has putting codes on your documents for tracing purposes and this has been happening for quite some years. Today it privacy is becoming harder to achieve through the kind of technology in place around the world. However, you can still dispose of your most confidential documents, and the printer codes and the sensitive data cannot get in the wrong hands. Not having a paper shredder doesnt mean you can dispose of your sensitive files; we have outlines ways you can use to destroy documents without having a shredding machine. Go through the article and get to know how you can do away with your file without shredding.
One way would be burning your files, although it is not the most efficient way of doing it and people may be a little skeptical about the measure. It is still possible to destroy the paper documents if you can build a regular fire when burning them. Using the papers to feed the fire will not sustain it as paper sheets do not have the proper aeration between them to keep the flames alive. Another thing is that the paper sheets get caught and wafted by the wind before the information is complete burns up. But, you can within no time burn all the paper documents if you use a fire pit or wood stove to dispose of your confidential paper files using wood to fuel the fire.
There is also pulping; although will be a little labor-intensive, it will surely have a great outcome in destroying old sensitive documents. When talking this route, you will require a bleach as well as a tall litter can that is bleach-resistant. To the waste can, pour half a gallon the bleach solution, where the solution will break down the pigments of ink, hence you can render the file illegible. You should be very cautious when dealing with the bleach solution, make sure you dont expose your skin to the solution and in a well-ventilated space.
If you have bulky files, and you want to get rid of them, you can do so by using recycling services near you. Thereafter, you can place the documents in the bins and destroy them. The documents will not be ruined right away at the recycling center but will a lot of other files will be added and mixed, making it impossible for people with the ill intention to get their hands on them. Moreover, any individual who has the intention to steal the data will need to break into the plant access them, and this possess another barrier to them.