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March 16, 2019

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Mariahs Story

IF you work for a non-profit company, then you dont hope to become financially successful in it. You volunteer because you want to make this world better for many people around you. The story of Mariah below will encourage you to continue your work with all passion because success will just follow naturally.

The story of Mariah begins when she was a young girl of 7. The childhood that Mariah experienced was a fairly comfortable one with loving parents who provide all of their familys needs. Mariah and her family have daily provision of food, clothing and shelter and special provisions for special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

Going home from shopping, Mariah was astonished to see a poor man wearing filthy rags on the street. Mariah was not able to contain her pity when she was sadness in the poor mans eyes that she asked her mom to buy food for him. The man ate the food heartily not having eaten in days.

this incident changed something in Mariahs heart. She grew up bringing the passion of helping the poor in her heart. The passion in her to help others led her to ask her parents to volunteer in a soup kitchen. Together with her parents, she volunteered and participated in other programs that were geared to helping the less fortunate people in her city.

Mariahs parents soon taught her that if she wants this to be her life, then she has to start doing something to make it possible for her to give to others instead of giving away something that belongs to another. Mariah understood what her parents were saying so at a very young age, she got a job waiting tables at a restaurant.

Half of her earning were given to the poor and she saved the other half. She continues her volunteer work and buys toys to give away to children on Christmas day.

It was one of her teachers who encouraged Mariah to write a blog on the things she was doing for her community so that she can inspire others to do the same. Mariah had no idea how to start a blog but with much difficulty gave it a shot. This was not something she as comfortable with so promoting her blog was really tough. Read more here to learn about marketing and promotions.

Mariah, the blogger, was then born. Contributions to her cause started pouring in. With six figures yearly to her credit, she gives half away to needy people.

Mariah is a living example of how a life devoted to volunteering to help the needy can all come back and give you a life of fulfillment.