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March 16, 2019

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Reputable Top Social Media Sites for Your Repair Business.

Currently there are 2.46 billion people making use of social media and the number is expected to rise to 2.77 billion people by 2019 and that is one reason why if you have a business you need to have a social media account linked to your business.

Nowadays, almost every business is on Facebook and since Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users why not be among them and also most all your customers have accounts, check this page of A Glass and Aluminum for example.

Today, people expect that if you have a business is a must that you have put some information on your business, actually when someone is looking for your business information they will start searching the Facebook, check this page for instance, A Glass and Aluminum.

Facebook page is user friendly and you will manage to post video, pictures, status updates of your business and this is what makes it a preferred choice for lifting your business, its also a platform where people will review your business and give it a 5 star rating.

The Facebook allow business people to make use of bots, bots can answer questions do task like reservations and a bot is more than enough to address a concern , the Facebook messenger is all about communicating with your customers, see this page A Glass and Aluminum.

Facebook messenger has very neat advertising campaigns where the ads prompt users to sending direct messages to your Facebook page and once you do you have a chance to convert them to be customers, as an example see this page A Glass and Aluminum.

Unlike for the Facebook where accounts post various types of media, YouTube focuses on videos, a user subscribes to a channel, you will get updates from the channel and you will be able to comment on the videos, this is a good business platform because it has 1.9bilion active users.

This therefore makes YouTube to be one of the top sites and the leading sites for promoting business, companies use YouTube to post business information ,post informational video and instructional materials, this gives you a direct contact with customers.

If you find the lengthy video will not suit your business agenda consider having an Instagram account instead, which is an image sharing platform but you also post short videos and has 500million active users, see this page of A Glass and Aluminum as an example .

Pinterest is yet another platform that is suitable for sharing images, but this platform has a more active user base, people use this site for home inspirations, outfits , crafts and it has over 175 million active users and 81% of them being women, check this page by A Glass and Aluminum for example.

LinkedIn is not only a site where people post about their resumes and job searches but it has evolved to become one of the top sites with businesses and preferred by many companies to showcase their business information.

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