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March 17, 2019

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Places where you can Donate Clothes for Those in Need.

Do you have professional suits and dresses that are lying in your closet collecting dust? These are the kind you only wear to the interview and forget about them later, read along and learn more here.

One such nonprofit organization that helps to collect clothes for women who are in need is dress for success, it was founded in 1997 in New York with affiliates all over the country and the world, click and learn more here.

The main agenda of a company that accepts professional suits for women is to help women who have low income jobs or those who have been in abusive situations ,incarcerated or from rehabs, you can learn more here.

Once a woman is lucky to be invited for a job interview, they can call the affiliate where the clothes are donated and they can go and fir the clothes, find the best one and then wear that suit for the interview.

There are certain ways in which you can be part of the larger course like you can participate in donating your unused professional suits or you can arrange to have a clothing drive in your local.

Just like Careers Success cater for women who are in dire need for professional attire so does the Career Success help men who are employed in low income job and cannot manage to buy new suits when they are trying to enter the workforce and also help them in mentor-ship programs and career development.

In the readiness program, men are prepared for the job interview and this makes them full equipped on how they will handle themselves professionally, again they participate in the interview program, learn more here.

There are number of other organizations that helps people in the community apart from Dress for Success and Career Gear which is called The Alliance for Career Development which networks together these charities, learn more here.

It is important to work with affiliated nonprofit organizations like The Alliance for Career Development for example since you know they are reputable and are well networked, also you can individually help people by looking for a convenient drop off donations store, learn more here.

Since now you already have an idea where you can possible take some of the professional clothes that you do not wear, go to the closet and pick them and donate the clothes to these nonprofit organizations and you will feel better since all those clothes filing the closet will be given out for a noble cause.

Because you have created a good space in your closet, you will be able to buy new clothes and this will be a cycle, once you stop wearing them if at all they are professional clothes and suits you will donate them to these affiliate nonprofit organizations, learn more here.