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March 17, 2019


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A Guide in Opening a Cannabis Dispensary.

As of 2017 marijuana dispensaries were serving around 100 customers per day. If you are thinking of getting marijuana industry, why dont you start now? The points below can make it much easier when starting a cannabis dispensary.

After marijuana dispensaries they were authorized in 2013, medical marijuana was legalized 3 years later. The sales from marijuana by the year 2021 is expected to be at $280,000,000. By that time getting a license will be a very competitive. If you have tips on how to start a cannabis dispensary, it will be easier for you.

The larger the population the more cannabis dispensaries they will be in that county. If a county has more than 700,000 people at least 40 dispensaries are allowed. A population below 700,000 buy more than 100000 the allowed number is 10.

It is required you pay a fee, if you want to obtain a cannabis license. For medical cannabis dispensary, you will be charged and registration fee of $30,000 and a renewal fee of $5000. For medical cultivation facility and cannabis products manufacturer, you pay the same fee for renewal and registration. For testing lab you will be charged $5,000 and $3,000 for renewal. Both whole sellers and retailers of cannabis products are charged a 2% excise duty.

If you need to acquire a license, it is advisable you get it from the tax department. You can read more on cannabis licensing here.

If you want to be able to distribute cannabis from one establishment to the next get a distributor license.

If you need a license for cultivating, growing and packing the cannabis get the cultivation facility.

If you have the product manufacturing facility license, just like the cultivation facility you cannot sell cannabis to consumers.

The retail store license is ideal for anyone that wants to buy marijuana from manufacturer and sell to consumers.

The last license is the testing facility which allows the marijuana to be tested for potency and contamination.

It is a requirement to have around $250,000 in cash as start up for the business and proof you have a facility to run the business. It is important you show how you will run the dispensary.

Studies have shown people in the marijuana industry make even millions.

Do you know you should be 21 to acquire cannabis products. To purchase the medical marijuana, you qualify if you have the following conditions, AIDS, cancer, severe pain and many more.