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March 17, 2019

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Different Teeth Quotes and Sayings and What they Mean

Your pearl white teeth of yours have so much about them that is riding. One of the things about a person that can be noticed faster than anything else according to 29% of Americans is the teeth. To most people those perfect smiles are perceived to be happy, smart, more trustworthy, successful and more romantically desirable. This is the reason as to why the global dental industry is set to be worth $37 billion by the year 2021. However, the need for having clean teeth is not new. The teeth quotes, sayings proverbs as well as idioms date back as far as the biblical times.

By the surface of your teeth is one of the many quotes. Although the teeth idiom may be familiar to many people, most of them are not aware that its source is the bible. This was used to describe running away from a situation with your life only in the bible. This means getting or losing something by a whisker which is also known as a close call in the current world.

An aching tooth is better out than in or losing a rotting member is again is also another teeth saying. This is a teeth quote from a poet Richard Baxter, and that has both literal as well as metaphorical meaning. Removing an aching tooth at many that have been in tooth pain brings some relief with it. A member of the team on the other hand that is delaying the others may be referred to as a rotting member.

To fight tooth and nail is also among the many saying that are associated with the teeth. You must have come across this saying due to its popularity but might not have time to think what it means. This means application of all defense mechanisms after all the others fail. Someone biting their enemy for them to save their lives is an image that is certainly amazing.

A tooth in a man’s brain is worthy than diamond is yet another quote that is associated with teeth. Once you lost one tooth, there was nothing you would have reversed it which means that every tooth was given a lot of value according to what was written in 1605. Nowadays these services that replace the missing teeth like dental implants and removable dentures. However, were know that the dentists would be happy if we valued our teeth more than precious gold. To have a sweet tooth is also a saying related to the teeth. As other people crave savory snacks like chips, on the other end the ones who prefer candy, cakes, and other sugary treats have a sweet tooth.

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