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March 17, 2019


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A Review of New Fashion Trends This Year; What Is Good and What Is Not

The fashion industry is significant in the US, and there is an expectation that it will grow by 3.5 to 4.5% in 2019 from the more than .5 billion last year. You want to keep yourself updated on what is going on in the fashion industry so that you are not left behind as things continue changing. Learn what is in and what is not concerning fashion trends this year herein.

Social media is among the best places for you to keep your eye on what is happening in the fashion world. Through social media, you will get to view the trends from anyplace in the world and all the different dynamics. Instagram will provide a perfect place for you to view what is going on in the fashion industry. Among the most significant trends currently is the California Cool look, which is something to what would have been happening in LA beaches in the 1960s. The cool look for a man will be wearing multi-spectrum Hawaiian shirts in tropical prints and coupling this with beat-up sneakers. For ladies, they can pull off this look by wearing dark denim and rolled up cuffs, together with some black boots.

What usually happens in the fashion industry is that you trends are the old ones which are coming around again. You can even find some of the clothing that your grandparents wore coming back again right now. Crochet is among the trends that were there before that is coming around again, being shoes, dresses, and tops. This year, you can keep off white crochet and lace, but embrace more of the muted grey and orange colors, and a splash of some bold colors as well. Sandals are an excellent combination with crocheted tops.

To replace leather and cloth handbags, wicker, fibrous bags are what’s trending. Go for bags in natural wicker colors for the best look. If you want to change things a bit, you can choose dark tan or brown colors for your bags, since the fibers do not give the best look of bright colors.

When it comes to wearing things on your head, the trend seems to be that you wear something big, bright, and floppy. The woven hats with broad brims are excellent and in light colors such as white and sky-blue.

Feathers are also part of the huge fashion move currently. You find the feathers being added to your dress to accentuate its look. To make it work, have solid colored dresses and feathers which contrasts the color of the dress as long as the figures are in a single solid color.