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March 17, 2019

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Factors To Consider When Looking To Keep Your Small Business Data Safe
For any business in these modern times, cybersecurity is more than important. Most businesses today have websites which means they have data online which can be hacked into anytime. Any data breach would have a huge impact on your company. Dont make the mistake of thinking that hackers are not after small companies because they are. You should know that hackers go for all kinds of companies especially the small ones that might not be on their guard. As a small company, dont ignore making sure of your cybersecurity. A small company can also experience security failure. Here are cybersecurity tips to ensure that your data is safe.
Do you change your passwords on a regular basis? One of the easiest but effective ways of securing your data is changing passwords every so often. It is important to use unique passwords for each website you have an account on, dont use the same password for all of them. When you have all these unique and strong passwords, hackers will not be able to use a password they have hacked to open other important accounts. If you only have one password that you never change, they will easily access your email and then change other important passwords.
If you find it a lot of work to change passwords every time and think that you might easily forget, use a password manager. Even if you tell everyone at your workplace to change their passwords often, you cannot be too sure they will. The password manager does that hard work for you. The password manager will create new and unique passwords for you so that you dont have to even think. The password manager will do you one better, it will keep changing these passwords so that your data remains secure.
To add an extra layer of security, think about using 2-step verification. This is where, when you enter your password, you will still be required to verify somewhere else. The verification can be a confirmation code that is sent to your cellphone number. This is best because no hacker will be able to get to this unless they have your cellphone.
Another way to make sure that your data is safe is updating software. You will compromise your security if you keep ignoring the updates. If there are any security vulnerabilities, the update will sort them out. If you are still using out-of-date software, you are putting your data at risk.
If you want to tighten security even more, go on and delete inactive accounts. Dont keep accounts when employees have already left the company. These accounts are of no use but they might just make you more vulnerable to data breaches.

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