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March 17, 2019

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Ways of Maintaining your Photocopier for your Office Use

In an office, there is equipment that is used more than others. These includes your computer, telephones, a coffee machine as well as the office photocopier. The duplicate device can at times be an imperative organ that keeps profitability perfectly healthy. Also, it is helpful in raising the morale of each employee in the office. How might you help to keep the old copier fit as a fiddle?

From this articles you will learn how to keep your photocopying machine and equipment in good working condition. It is advised that you run several tests on a photocopier that has been idle for a given number of weeks. It is advised that you remove all the old papers from the photocopier and reset the machine in case it has a paper jam. According to how photocopying machines are made, they can go to s sleep mode if left unused for some time and switch to calibration mode when switched on. When the machine is in this state, you need to wait for sometime before you begin your photocopying.

It is not a good idea uses so many papers when doing your copying job. You should not use more papers that exceed the limit of the copying machine. Ensure that you use the photocopier the right way. While you might be tempted to open up the drawers to check for the cause of the jam, the most appropriate approach is to follow the display steps. There are some cases when you will find your copying machine producing undesirable lines on the pages.

That is a clear sign that you need to call your photocopier technician. Lines on your duplicates or prints can be an indication of a grimy roller inside the machine that requires cleanup. Those frequent paper jams may form a line. You have the alternative of removing the line by producing blank prints using clean papers. There are different toners for different photocopier. In the event that you do not use the correct toner for your copier machine, you might harm your photocopier.

The rightful place to learn about the type of toner to use for your photocopier is from the manufactures manual. One of the most straightforward things you can do to keep the copier working properly is to clean it all the time. This involve wiping the external part of the copier machine as well as cleaning the paper tray. Choosing a photocopier that cannot handle your office work will contribute to breaking down of the machine. It is essential that you carry out a regular maintenance and service call to reduce the downtime of the breakdown.