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March 17, 2019

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The Dos And Donts Of A Person Handling Dementia.

Dementia can be said to be an overall term that is used to associate several groups of symptoms that are always associated with the loss of memory and other thinking skills that lead to a person having reduced the ability to do their daily activities. Not only does these act be very sad to the person that has been diagnosed with these condition but also the family members and friends of the individual also go through a hard time as they nurse their loved one. This particular condition makes the individual to not even get to realize what is going on around them while those people that are looking after them get to handle with much emotions the memory loss of the patient. When they are taking care of the patient, there are a couple of things that the people who are responsible for that task should do and there are other things that they should not do.

Since you have a patient that is undergoing this particular condition, then there are things that you should be doing around them as you interact with them from time to time. It is important to keep calm when you are around these people with the dementia condition. These patients are sometimes prone to anger when they are forced to do something that they did not want to do. Some of the small things like taking a shower or even wanting to eat makes them become aggressive and therefore you should always keep in mind this.

The reason why these people hit or even smack those around them is because they are angry. The way you approach them in this condition determines how they will result in the end. Another thing that is highly recommended that you do you as the person taking care of the patient is that you are to be realistic about how things have turned out to be with your loved ones. The family and friends of the person that is undergoing these condition are highly advised to be realistic and also they get to admit about the changes that their loved ones are undergoing and that when time goes by, they will continue to worsen.

One thing that is not encouraged to be done around these people is that you keep on correcting every information that they keep remembering and saying them to you. The information that the patients will end up recognizing sometimes are not that accurate and thus, it is recommended that you do not try to correct them at all. Another thing that you should not do is getting frustrated. The patient may do something that makes you angry and becomes frustrated, but you are not allowed to be in such a condition when you are around them.

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