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March 17, 2019

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Wedding Trends to Look for in This Year

Maybe you will be wedding in the year 2019? Consider yourself lucky because there are so many choices for you to select from in terms of the wedding planning. Be confident you will get some good ideas of the wedding that will meet the requirements of you and your spouse. For instance, there are so many colors that you will consider choosing from such as huge bursts or dark and moody. You can be think about the below wedding points and plans.

Consider the right color you want. The traditional colors that were being used are beginning to fade away and more fun and youthful colors are starting to be embraced. Bright colors are being used in a big way. Consider choosing the best and bold colors in your wedding in that case. Beautify the aisle with potted plants instead of making the flower girls full of little flowers. It will be great for the entire aisle look like a green garden with potted plants. To allow the pots to blend with the natural image so you do not have to worry about them ruining your wedding image, they can be covered with silks.

Most people are using vintage despite being in 2019 to be incorporated into their weddings. Some uniqueness and set the moods by having something old in the wedding. You can decide to add something old from the family so that you can be identified with it as a family tradition. Have several things at ago or just a few items can be considered.

The past weddings have been involving several bridesmaids and groomsmen that is a trend that is fading away. Most people are considering using only three or none of the bridesmaids and groomsmen at all. Some people are also mixing up things by using male bridesmaids and female groomsmen so that they ensure it all about spending the wedding day with the closest friends. Find your destination in a unique way. Majority spouses have been selecting Spain and Portugal as their destination which is not a bad thing.It is not a bad thing for most couples who have been choosing Spain and Portugal as their destination. However, you can decide to embrace the local cultural and traditional destinations for your wedding. Your wedding can be very charming by taking advantage of it.

Break away from the usual receptions in the past wedding and consider an after wedding party. This is different from the reception because it is not very stuffy. After wedding parties focus on having more late night food and drinks.

In order for the bride to be able to dance more through the music, she can decide to change the wedding dress and be in some light short dress or pantsuit. You can check it out on the various wedding planners websites if you want more information about the food options and ideas available.