Too Many Birds in Our Warehouse

I am the manager of a fairly large warehouse in New York. When we were a final contender for a large contract, I knew that I could do something that would up our chances of getting the dream contract. All warehouses I have worked in before have one thing in common. They are the perfect place for birds to call home too. This usually is not a problem because it is just a common occurrence. However, I knew that if I contacted a company that provides bird removal services, it might just be the tipping point in our favor.

There are so many places in a warehouse where birds can make themselves at home. They do not have the traditional ceilings that most buildings have. There are beams, rafters and a ton of open space, which is ideal for a bird for nesting purposes. I found a company that has experience in helping warehouses overcome the various bird issues, and I was surprised by some of the information that I was able to read on their website. I knew that birds were a nuisance, but I did not realize just how dangerous they can be to a person’s health too.

I read about a bird mist netting, which I had never heard of before. It is brilliant actually, and it did not cause any harm to the birds. It simply caught the birds in the net, then it relocated them far away, back into nature. I knew that it was not something that would keep other birds out, but it was something that we could do on a recurring basis. When I included that into our proposal for the new contract, it helped immensely. They ended up choosing us, and one of the determining factors was how we handled the birds in our warehouse.