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Parking Pay Station Solutions

When you have a proper pay station in place, making money out of your parking lot shall be more manageable. There is thus a need to identify the right system for your needs. There are so many things to consider as you make up your mind.

You should know whether to opt for a gated or metered parking pay station. You need to know which of these is right for you. With the gated type, you shall incur an initial higher cost due to the barrier gates, entry and exit machines, and the installation work. Metered ones, on the other hand, do not cost as much since their needs are fewer. But as you use the metered ones, it shall lead to more costs when it comes to verification. There has to be personnel going around checking each car for violation of the parking time. This therefore has more expenses down the line.

You then have to work out whether to go with a varying rate or a flat rate system. Flat rate systems are simpler system next to the varying rate ones. A flat rate system shall have one validating system at the entry point. The varying rate system shall need validating systems at both ends. Varying rate systems shall have more efficiency at ensuring cars are parked not for too long. Flat rate systems encourage cars to be left there way past the acceptable time. Flat rate systems are best in areas that people have to keep leaving at a fast pace.

You then have to choose between a system where people pay on foot, or one which they can pay while in their cars. If the parking lot shall have a high traffic rate, you need to go for the one where they pay on foot before getting into their cars. There shall thus be less congestion at the exit points. But if you have to deal with a small sized parking lot, you will have to pick the pay on lane variety.

There is also the question of whether parking attendants are necessary. Customers tend to love them being around since they have people to help them out whenever needed. But you now have to cater to the cost of hiring and maintaining them.

It is also important for you to decide which ones shall be your customers; the long-term parking spot holders, such as employees in a building complex, or short-term stay parkers, who can be anyone. With the first option, you will need to have in place an access control system, like the RFID cards, through which only those authorized shall find entry into the parking lot. With the latter, they shall only need to produce cash to gain entry into the parking area.

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