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Tips On How To Be An Outstanding PUGB Player

Every online gamer knows that they need to be smart in how they play in order to survive for long. In this material are the guidelines you can apply to ensure a that you become a very exceptional player. By using these tips you will manage to win your primary or another chicken dinner. You need to start by giving the area of your dropping a perfect thought in order to select the best place. The need for this is because it has a very major effect on your first minutes of playing. You should try to drop as soon as possible especially if you are new to PUGB.

This will help you drop with many planes which is a good strategy. The help you get from this site that you get to fight that will ensure that you train first hand on melee and your shouting capabilities. It is also essential to be very keen on the sound clues that you may listen to with your headphones as shown in this blog. The signals are essential as they assist you in determining where other players are located, and these are cues like bullets, car sounds and footsteps as shown in this blog.

This blog advises you to use your headphones that should be kept very safe as they will offer you clear cues. You should also ensure that you get an excellent way to store your headset as explained by this blog. Therefore it is vital to read this blog to know more about the methods you can use to keep your headset safe. Another very vital point of being outstanding in playing PUGB is ensuring that you are always beyond the blue wall.

This is when you are stealing, shooting or even running as this is way to ensure that you are always within the boundaries of the playing field. As a PUGB player who wants to be outstanding and even win the chicken dinner, you need to make sure you do frequent looting, and also ensure that you do it early. An example of this is like running to the neighboring building after you drop so that you can get the first dips of the best weapons.

You as well need to prioritize other things like med kits, energy drinks, bandages that help in your healing. The final factor that we will have a look at today is that you should always not be afraid to play safe. With this I mean taking cover in the nearest buildings. At this point you need to set traps that are placed in the best areas. This is a way of warning more kills without blowing your cover.