I Am Going to Be Here a Week or So

In fact we finished all of the work in a couple of days, but the boss was having himself a wonderful time. He hooked up with a couple of his old Army pals here and they will not let me go home either. I am doing the dirty work for him, while he gambles and plays around with girls that are not even half of his age. I have learned about the escorts in salt lake city. I would not have ever known about that, but I had to arrange for it. This girl I found is absolutely sweeter than honey in almost any way. In a million years I would not guess what she does for a living. I am not sure how we are going to explain it to the accountants either, or how they can make it look like a legitimate expense for the IRS. I would guess she is 25 or so. She is really smart, I think we could call her a consultant and not be too far off.

The truth is she might have been worth it. We just sort of lucked into a chance to make a big sale and she kept this guy mesmerized while I got the deal drawn up. She seemed to have learned enough about our business by osmosis to talk about us and what we could do for this guy. Some of it she seemed to have improvised. Obviously we could not have paid her what she asked, but I would hire her for a sales rep in a blink. Of course I do not think as a man with red blood, I would be able to find the word no in her presence. She just has the way of making a man fumble about like a 14 year old boy on his first date.